Below are some of the FAQ's we get asked about the SmokeNinja

Safety Notice & Important Disclaimers:

SmokeNINJA is a handheld fog machine that has its own operational limits and must be handled with care and attention at all times:

  • The Smoke Ninja creates a Glycerin-based fog, meaning it has the same issue with all theatrical foggers: it WILL TRIGGER electronic Smoke Detectors including Ionisation/photoelectric/beam type sensors. However, it will NOT trigger traditional "Red glass" type Fire sprinklers, which is temperature sensitive.
  • Do NOT aim the machine towards the human eye, unless it is passing through our extension tubing or adaptor nozzles. Our smoke is a warm to the touch, but the tip of the chamber is really hot and might occasionally spray droplets of hot glycerin.
  • Do NOT operate the machine with an INVERTED Smoke Chamber for long periods of time; i.e. do not use the SmokeNINJA while it is upside down. This will block the liquid from reaching the heating coil, and will damage the machine.
  • Do NOT try to make smoke with an empty tank. This will cause the smoke chamber to burn dry and will cause permanent damage to the heating coils.
  • Our Machine is not fire-proof nor water-proof. Any damage by Fire or water will void the warranty immediately.