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Introducing SmokeNinja

The SmokeNINJA is a battery powered, wireless handheldmini smoke machine, designed for Photographers, entry-level Videographers and Content Creators.
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Mighty small

Measuring at only 14cm tall, it is 30% smaller than the SmokeGENIE, making it super portable and easy to hide.

With wireless remote operation, the SmokeNINJA gives you the flexibility and control you need on shoot. 

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Magnetic Mount

With a dedicated range of versatile mounting accessories and smoke shaping adaptors, the SmokeNINJA is a highly versatile creative tool.

Mount the SmokeNINJA virtually anywhere to create the perfect shot and adapt to your creative needs.

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Ultra Efficient Chamber Technology

The SmokeNINJA is highly efficient and only consumes 0.5ml of smoke liquid per minute, delivering 200 minutes on a single 100ml bottle. Additionally, the chamber will deliver 100 hours of use.

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Smart Interface

SmokeNINJA can deliver a continuous 60 second burst of smoke and is able to fill a 500 sq ft space. With an intuitive, smart interface, see in real time how much smoke is left before overheating. This also shows the rate of recovery so you know exactly when the machine is ready to work for you again. 

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100% Harm free

Tested and whitelisted by both the SGS and the Actors Equity Association, the smoke is entirely safe for talent and crew on set. Featuring an industry-leading coil protection system that ensures the entire smoke generation process is CLEAN, ODOURLESS and FREE from any burning smell. 

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Fast USB-C Charging

A full charge takes only 90 minutes, allowing you plenty of time to create.

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One of the hottest accessories in the creator universe right now - this the bruce lee of portable fog machines

Jason Lanier

This is the accessory you’ve been waiting for , its quickly become a favourite with many of my stylists, assistants and clients.

Professional Photo

Smoke Ninja is simply a must-have item thats always in my camera bag

Sam Nash


Below are some of the FAQ's we get asked about the SmokeNinja

Safety Notice & Important Disclaimers:

SmokeNINJA is a handheld fog machine that has its own operational limits and must be handled with care and attention at all times:

  • The Smoke Ninja creates a Glycerin-based fog, meaning it has the same issue with all theatrical foggers: it WILL TRIGGER electronic Smoke Detectors including Ionisation/photoelectric/beam type sensors. However, it will NOT trigger traditional "Red glass" type Fire sprinklers, which is temperature sensitive.
  • Do NOT aim the machine towards the human eye, unless it is passing through our extension tubing or adaptor nozzles. Our smoke is a warm to the touch, but the tip of the chamber is really hot and might occasionally spray droplets of hot glycerin.
  • Do NOT operate the machine with an INVERTED Smoke Chamber for long periods of time; i.e. do not use the SmokeNINJA while it is upside down. This will block the liquid from reaching the heating coil, and will damage the machine.
  • Do NOT try to make smoke with an empty tank. This will cause the smoke chamber to burn dry and will cause permanent damage to the heating coils.
  • Our Machine is not fire-proof nor water-proof. Any damage by Fire or water will void the warranty immediately.